(unofficial Terms and Conditions)

foreword from our CEO

Victor Safta

Crave for changes

We've seen a lot in this industry. We are part of it and we have reasons to be proud and reasons to crave for changes. That's why created tradeBerry.


Dear clients, financial markets, especially when traded on margin, can become the sweetest dream but also the darkest nightmare. Risk warnings and advice on risk management are printed in small letters everywhere. It's mandatory for your brokers to display it but it's not mandatory for them to make sure you really get the point.

Since now, once entering the market, your only contact was your broker who was guiding you according to his own interest. Who is able to provide a better advice than others just like you?

You can get in touch will all our clients. Share your experience, your account history, positions, and ask them to do the same. We will not interfere. Except you report any wrong doings or seek technical support.


You were writing analysis reports for brokers or for the media but you were never really aware of your audience or their appreciation. Did your readers really understand your view? Are you sure you are a good analyst?

Post your opinions directly to your readers in a transparent environment. They will judge if you are a star or just a marketing product and they will make sure others are aware of your real value. That's why tradeBerry.

NO aggressive sales

We don't tolerate any form of aggressive sales. We disagree with pushing customers to engage in actions they don't fully understand. The open nature of tradeBerry makes all of this impossible.

After you understand what tradeBerry is all about, you have the ability to invite others. Don't forget that any misleading information you might transmit to a potential client will be instantly accused by the community and will put you in a difficult or even illegal situation.

That's why tradeBerry

Trading advice

Trading advice is often given by unprofessional and anonymous individuals or robots. Who takes responsibility for this advice? You are free to check other clients' trading strategies if they are willing to share them with you.

This is not trading advice, this is one trader who has a belief strong enough to put his capital at risk. That's why tradeBerry.

This is our vision and the values that stay behind us. More will come, especially after your feedback. And if we lose track, please let us and everyone else know about it.