Your capital is at risk

NEVER engage in trading with capital you can not afford to lose. Trading in financial instruments, especially on leverage, is risky. While the use of leverage can significantly increase your profits, it also significantly increases the risk you take. We are more than happy to execute your orders, but remember: there will be times when the market will hit you!

Use the demo account

Please take enough time with your demo account! Make sure you understand all the functionalities and specifications of our trading platform before engaging real capital! Don’t switch to a real account before feeling comfortable!

Fast platform, fast markets

As you will notice in the demo account, our platform is extremely fast. So are the markets. Even if these seem to be in your advantage, they can be dangerous when improperly used in real markets. Get comfortable with fast prices and functionalities like “Fast trading”, “Close all positions”, “Reverse positions” before switching your account to real!

Demo is anonymous

In contrast to real accounts, demo accounts in tradeBerry are anonymous. Please remember that all the conversations and/or information you get in the demo environment comes from a person that might not disclose his/her real identity. Use caution and do not disclose sensitive information to any demo user!

YOUR decision and YOUR responsibility

Our 100% transparency policy is an awesome tool for our clients. You are able to get in touch with all our clients without limitation. But, remember, in the end it’s you and ONLY you that should decide on your trading activity. NEVER make an investment decision solely based on any of our clients’ opinions. Make sure you ALWAYS understand why you go into a trade.