What is the technology behind trade.Berry?

trade.Berry proudly runs on TOOMIT technology and is a result of many years of close cooperation. We needed pioneers to implement our revolutionary product. Finally we have chosen what we believe is, by far, the best technology provider in our market today.

What's the story of trade.Berry under RCS?

trade.Berry got born under RCS in 2016, after the acquisition of the company by trade.Berry’s founders. Before trade.Berry went live, all existing agreements and partnerships of RCS were settled and terminated.

What is the link between trade.Berry and Centro FX?

Centro FX used to be an independent project under RCS for customers looking for a standard Meta Trader solution. The project was discontinued due to increasing interest of our clients in TOOMIT.

What is the money flow inside a regulated investment firm? How safe are my funds?

A MiFID regulated investment firm complies with strict requirements regarding safeguarding and reporting of customers’ funds. Also customer’s funds are always segregated from the own funds of the company and can never be used for operational expenses. Moreover settlement of customer’s trading results is done periodically, is reported and monitored by CySec. Finally the investment firm has no right or legal mean to use customers’ funds. For further information, check CySec’s rules and regulations.

What is the level of control the owners of an investment firm have over the company?

The owners of an investment firm are not relevant for it’s operations. The holding structure is usually dynamic. What's important is that for investment firms, CySec needs to review and approve each new shareholder or change in the holding structure. Also shareholders must prove integrity and professional background. Moreover, the operations of the firm are managed and executed by directors and officers, all of them also being reviewed and approved by CySec. As a result, the firm must go through internal and external audit and also implement and review policies regarding safekeeping of customers’ funds, execution, processing of complaints and others.

What are the countries where RCS can provide investment services?

R Capital Solutions is regulated under MiFID with CySec and has a passport with other European Regulators. Also, the company’s license can be checked on the web page of each European regulator. Furthermore this does not mean that the company’s area of activity is limited to Europe. There are only a few jurisdictions where R Capital Solutions decided not to provide services: USA, Canada and Belgium.

What is the Investors’ Compensation Fund and how can I benefit from it?

The ICF is an independent governmental body that acts as an additional layer of safety for customers investing in financial services. It is mandatory for all the regulated firms to be members and contribute to the ICF. The ICF covers up to EUR 20000 for each retail investor.

Why choose to go with an investment firm registered in Cyprus? How credible is CySec?

Cyprus has the biggest number of Investment Firms doing business in retail CFD's and CySEC is presently the most experienced and the most STRICT european regulator. Almost any reputable broker has an establishment in Cyprus under CySEC.

Is my personal data safe with RCS?

As a regulated investment firm, according to the legislation in place, RCS notified the relevant governmental department that it holds and maintains the database of personal data of its clientele.

How is the investment firm involved in the customers’ fiscal treatment?

The investment firm does not involve in the customers’ fiscal obligations. It’s the customers’ sole responsibility to report and execute his fiscal obligations.

What are the banks used by RCS.

The list of banks RCS uses is long and always changing according to banking conditions and the countries where the customers are enrolled. We always look for the most efficient and reputable banks and try to provide local banking solutions to our clients.

What is a Liquidity Provider and which one do you use?

RCS acts as an intermediary and not as a market maker. This means RCS is not the counterpart of it's customers trades. RCS collects the orders and transmits them for execution to different liquidity providers. The pool of providers is wide and dynamic. Liquidity is mostly provided by Banks and Market Makers.

Where do the prices in the platform come from and how do I know they are not out of the market?

In order to deliver the best and fastest prices in the market we use many sources for our instruments. First of all, our price aggregator delivers firm, tradable prices with guaranteed liquidity from our liquidity providers as defined in the Execution Policy. Also we maintain all the price history so each tick can be checked in the future. Furthemore, any customer can compare present or past prices in our platform with the prices provided by any reputable agency (like Bloomberg, Reuters…). The definition of the “out of the market” price can be found in the Execution Policy.